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Founded on August 4, 1925 with the institution of Duluth Circle 1 in Duluth, Minn., the Columbian Squires program strives to provide "the spiritual, cultural, civic, social and physical improvement of its members, and the development of their leadership qualities," (section II, Article II of the Laws and Rules of the Columbian Squires).

The Squires is an international fraternity of approximately 25,000 Catholic young men, ages 10 to 18, in over 1,500 circles worldwide. Circles exist, or have existed, throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, the Philippines, Puerto Rico, Guatemala, Panama, Cuba, the Bahamas, the Virgin Islands, Guam, and on U.S. military bases abroad. Local Knights of Columbus councils and assemblies sponsor Squire circles, which may be based either in a council/assembly hall, in a parish building, a parochial, private, public or military school, or on a military installation. The Squires involves young men in programs to benefit the Church, the community, as well as in recreational and social activities.


"Esto Dignus"
Be Worthy

The Squires emblem
symbolizes the ideals
which identify a squire. 

Centered in a circle
on a Maltese Cross,
are the letters

"P", "I", "S" and "C"
symbolizing the unity of
Physical, Intellectual,
Spiritual, and Civic life
in a squire.

Centered on top of
the cross are
the large letters
"C" representing
"S", the Squires, and
"K", the
Knights whom
sponsor the Columbian
Squires program.

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